Everything you need to know to plan your projects with Gantt


What is a Gantt Schema?

The Gantt Schema or chart is a way to effectively plan out project work in terms of order, due dates, duration or/and dependencies.  Onces you plan out the tasks and activities that make up your projects across a Gantt schema, you will get a very clear visualisation of the work to be completed.  Therefore a good Gantt schema will allow you to effectively manage your project timings, resources, costs and workload.


Why Use a Gantt Diagram?

Whether you need a construction Gantt chart for a construction project or a general Gantt chart for a more general project, the benefits of using a Gantt graph are many. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons to plan your projects using the Gantt chart format.

  • A Gantt creator such as Sinnaps offers clarity.
  • A Gantt chart of activities provides scope for communication with tools such as the project wall and live in-chat features available with Sinnaps.
  • Any Gantt example will show you how it served as motivation for team members thanks to the clarity and the effective coordination provided by the Gantt schema.
  • Using the Gantt schema excel format allows for effective coordination of tasks.
  • A Gantt bar charts gives scope for creativity in planning out projects.
    Using a monthly Gantt chart will improve time management.

Planning your projects with Gantt

Planning your projects on a Gantt sheet is an effective way of managing projects. In order to draw you first Gantt schema for your project there are many ways to do so. You can draw Gantt chart project plans from scratch with some of the free Gantt schema apps available online,  or you can even use a spreadsheet.

A Gantt chart calendar or Gantt schema is useful for planning and scheduling projects. Once a blank Gantt chart is filled, it will help you to assess project duration, the resources needed, and plan the order in which you’ll complete tasks. An interactive Gantt chart app will also allow you to effectively manage the dependencies between tasks. 😊