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agile vs scrum

When it comes to getting the best out of every business or project activity, there are a ton of ways to attain efficiency and achieve success. The best ways however, involves having a good understanding of the methods that would work well for your kind of business.  In this article, we are going to discuss two of the most widely used project management and/software development framework today. We will discuss a detailed comparison of the Agile vs Scrum overview and see the differences between the two, as well as introduce you to Sinnaps online project management software, which is a complete stand-alone project management toolRead More →

agile working

One of the most common difficulties project managers experience in their management strides is the task of harnessing their human resources properly in their organizations. It is responsible for the recurring failure of your project and the reason why you are not getting the desired results in terms of profitability and productivity. Are you experiencing such in your business organization?  No doubt, human resource is vital to the success of your project. In reality, agile working is the right solution for you to overcome this challenge in your organization.   As a tool, agile working will enable you to be in tune with the presentRead More →

scope of management

Have you ever thought of embarking on a journey without a clear destination? No doubt, a journey without destination yields nothing and it is a sheer waste of time and resources. This scenario can be likened to embarking on a project without the scope of management. Scope of management is a guide that enables you to have an in-depth understanding of what is required of you as a project manager to meet the objectives of the project and the expectations of your clients. Your responsibility as a manager is to ensure that your project is on the right track irrespective of the size and theRead More →

What is Agile Methodology

The business environment today has changed greatly, thanks to the emergence and acceptance of the Internet and all the technologies it brings. This surge in technology has had its effect on the way businesses are run globally. Consequently, businesses have had to review their approach and methods by which they manage their activities. This drive has led project managers to seek better ways of managing projects, meeting deadlines and achieving project objectives by quickly adjusting and responding to the changing business landscape. For example, Sinnaps online project management software is a free online tool with complete elements and features of Agile and Scrum approaches inRead More →

project scope in management

Businesses worldwide undertake projects every so often, and to ensure success in these undertakings, managers must find ways to provide guidance to outline how the project should be managed and controlled by the project management team in such a way that all tasks are completed and company goals met – this is what scope management in project management entails. Project scope in management involves a collection of certain core processes that not only defines and verifies the validity of the project, but which also play a greater role in controlling it. Thus, the project scope management plan is a vital input without which the projectRead More →

gantt online

In reality, the business world is highly competitive and the need to outdo one another in order to beat off competition has spurred many business organizations to embrace the use of some tools in the planning and management of their tasks so as to fulfill their goals. One of the tools is Gantt online. Gantt online Gantt online is an online tool that is used in scheduling large projects by breaking them into tasks and subtasks and laying them out on a timeline. On Gantt online, each task is always listed on one side with each having a horizontal line opposite it corresponding to theRead More →

Scrum Backlog

Scrum backlog can also be termed as the product backlog; it is the main list of product features prepared by the product owner in accordance with the product visualized by the stakeholders and the product.   Scrum backlog   Scrum backlog is the prioritized features list that contains a short description of the functionality needed to develop a working version of a product. In scrum backlog, the list might not be complete when it is being created in the first place. However, the product owner and the members can start the process of creating the list by taking note of everything they could possibly comeRead More →

Stakeholder mapping is a way to visually represent your company’s various stakeholders, that is, individuals and groups relevant to your company, alongside their level of interest in it and their level of importance to the company. It often times appears similar to charts, but different stakeholders or different groups of stakeholders are categorised and listed the aforementioned chart according to the level of power and interest they exert over the company in question. The purpose of this is to manage stakeholders because they all hold some degree of influence over the company, some significantly greater than others while some are significantly smaller than others, onceRead More →

Critical Thinking Examples

Critical thinking is often a requisite skill for various workplaces. Lots of job descriptions can be seen in which this is a vital requirement for employment. This leads us to ask; what is critical thinking? What are critical thinking examples? How can one think Critically? How to apply critical thinking steps and strategies in problem solving.   How To Think Critically   Critical thinking involves the use of logic, rational thought process, as well as intellectual ability to evaluate facts and opinions, connect problems to solutions and arrive at a valid conclusion. Application of critical thinking in businesses allow managers or teams to analyze multipleRead More →

project tracker

One of the important parameters used by project managers globally is the project tracker; a project tracker is a project tracking system in project management that helps project managers to recognize all the tasks that are required to complete a project successfully on time. It is widely used by project managers to create project plans, execute reports, and the use of timesheet.   Project tracker: benefits in project management   A project tracker is a software that assists in monitoring how the projects are progressing so that you can identify the potential problems on time and take the corrective measures. A project tracker measures theRead More →