Agile Working

agile working

One of the most common difficulties project managers experience in their management strides is the task of harnessing their human resources properly in their organizations. It is responsible for the recurring failure of your project and the reason why you are not getting the desired results in terms of profitability and productivity.

Are you experiencing such in your business organization?  No doubt, human resource is vital to the success of your project. In reality, agile working is the right solution for you to overcome this challenge in your organization.  

As a tool, agile working will enable you to be in tune with the present day reality as far as business or project management is concerned.  In truth, we live in a changing world that requires one to be very tolerant and adaptable to changes. Project management is a field that demands dynamism in order to stay competitive in the industry. Your ability to manage the changing requirements of your project is what stands you out as a project manager.

Furthermore, the main goal of a project is to achieve the satisfaction of the customers. This requires getting the best out of your project team by harnessing their potentials both individually and collectively and building great synergy with them. This is what agile working will do for you.

It will effectively bring together people, processes, connectivity and technology, time, and place together to discover the most ideal and productive way of working in your organization to carry out your assignment.

Agile working is the required guideline that can be used to get the best out of your team by leveraging the resources of your organization without any limiting boundary on how to go about the achievement of the goals of your project.

Furthermore, agile working provides the avenue that properly empowers your workforce by making them innovative and more productive in the course of discharging their duties.

As a business owner, agile working methods allow you to use the breakthrough in technology to your advantage in your organization to create a flexible structure that motivates your employees to do their job and meet the objectives of the project which result into better customer satisfaction.

In reality, your employees prefer a system that allows better work-life balance through a work schedule that ensures flexibility thereby allowing them to work and contribute their quota to the success of the project irrespective of their location.

With Agile working, your organization will be able to do away with the usual norm of the hierarchical structure of confining workers to an office and at the same time achieve the desired optimum efficiency and productivity.  

However, the effectiveness of agile working is centered on the nature of the tools you are using in your organization. Sinnaps is a online project management tool that can assist your project team in undertaking their assignment; it will establish the right chemistry among your team members through effective collaboration irrespective of their location.

The benefit of agile working is the increased productivity of your organization through focused, collaborative, and innovative work that yields better productivity. Other benefits of agile working are the following;

The agile working practices boost the workers’ well-being, sense of happiness, and satisfaction about their job because they can work from anywhere.

It brings about a reduced operating cost because of the better space management of the business organization.

By embracing agile working model in your organization, you will have a system that is very proactive in nature by reacting swiftly to change, allows fluidity, and creativity thereby allowing you and your team to share the same goals.

Also, the model enables you to maintain a focus on optimizing the end goal of your project.

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Agile Working Methodology

The agile working methodology ensures great efficiency in project management in information technology (IT) project. The agile working methods are always used in the software development project because it promotes continuous iteration of the software development and testing throughout the software development lifecycle.

It ensures fast prototyping, limited formal change control and high level of collaboration of the various parties in the project. The agile working methodology usually aids the team in responding to the unpredictability of the software development process.

Also, it is effective for managing the disagreements about the satisfaction of your project. The principles of agile working methodology are the following:

  • To attain the satisfaction of the clients and develop software continuously  
  • To change the requirements embraced in the software development process so that the clients can achieve a competitive edge.
  • To lay emphasis on delivering working software frequently
  • It provides an enabling environment that motivates people to work in a project.

Agile working software is software that enhances the agile working of your organization by putting you in total control of your space. It is effective for the use of small and big enterprises. It is very easy to use in creating, measuring, and managing flexible working areas of your organization

Also, it is great for generating high-quality reports about the activities of your team.

Agile working has been embraced globally by many business institutions; however, as a business owner, it is imperative for you to take into consideration the pros and cons involved in its operations. Though it affords the workers the freedom of choosing when and where to work from but human beings are different in their nature; some individuals can abuse such freedom.

Hence it is essential for you as an employer to put some limits and conditions in the arrangement such as insisting on core working hours and restricting the numbers of days spent away from the office to ensure proper accountability from workers.

Furthermore, it is excellent in helping an organization in attracting and retaining their best hands and boosting the morale of the workforce. On the flip side, it can be less productive for on-the-job training of the workers because they will not be there physically to collaborate.

Again, it can lead to a lack of proper accountability and tolerance of behavioral issues due to the workers working remotely from different locations.

Every business organization has its peculiar way of working, the onus is on you as the business manager to put in place the right rules and parameters that serve as checks and balances to guide your team in their agile working strides so as to maximize their productivity and effectiveness on the project.

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