Gantt Chart Example

The Gantt chart is an effective way to plan projects. In order to understand what it is, in this article, we will go over an example of Gantt chart for project management and some different project management charts examples. By using a Gantt chat analysis example to explain the benefits of the Gantt chart you will get a clearer understanding of what it has to offer.

Simple Gantt Chart Example

A great way to understand the Gantt chart is by going over a simple Gantt chart example for project tasks. If you are planning a marketing campaign project for example, you would first need to arrange all of the tasks to be completed as part of the project. First, you may have to complete market research and without market research you can’t move onto segmentation. The Gantt chart would position these activities one after the other as well as highlighting the dependency between them.

In this Gantt chart schedule example, the rest of the tasks would be laid out across the Gantt schema in a similar way. Each activity would have its own bar and the width of the bar would represent the time allocated to complete that task. In this way, you nd your team members would have constant access to a plan that serves as a visualisation of what needs to be done and by when.

Gantt Chart Activities Examples

The activities and tasks of a project are very important to plan and organise carefully. It is essential to allocate enough time to work on tasks and not too much time so as to delay the overall project. A Gantt chart example excel template is commonly found with Gantt chart software that would help to familiarise anyone with the Gantt schema layout.

Let’s say you are planning a bake sale for example, the tasks that will be needed to completed as part of the project are: Getting permission, downloading recipes, buying ingredients, measuring ingredients, bake cake, bake pies, bake cupcakes, clean, set up bake sale stand and have the bake sale. This is a simple Gantt chart example that clearly portrays the ordering of tasks and activities. On a Gantt chart of these Project Plan Examples, each activity would be clearly placed for you to see when it is time to begin with it or what comes before it that is necessary to complete.  

Gantt Chart Example for Business Plan

Whether you are looking for a Gantt chart example for project proposal or a business plan, the project plan Gantt chart example will demonstrate the usefulness of the Gantt chart with simply a difference between the activities carried out. For a business plan, there are many components. First, you need to allocate a team of people that are going to work on the business plan with you. Let’s now go over the tasks of creating a business plan as part of this Gantt chart example with explanation.

A business plan requires research, documentation, financial information, market research, product or service description, projections and more. Each of these activities would be effectively planned across a timeline showing which are most critical to project completion and which require more work so that you as project manager can allocate more team members. A Microsoft project Gantt chart example can be drawn up on excel to further demonstrate what it would look like.

IT Project Gantt Chart Example

IT projects are known to utilise Gantt charts for project planning and for good reason. Let’s go over a Gantt chart format example of a software development project plan. This free Gantt chart example will go over the tasks part of such a project and explain Gantt chart with example activities and goals.

Software development requires a lot of testing so duration is key in this IT project Gantt chart example. Tasks would include analysis, design, coding, testing, deployment and maintenance. Each of the tasks can have sub tasks to further breakdown the workload and make the project more efficient. Modern Gantt charts send you project progress updates and include specific communication tools to help your project run smoothly.

Overall, the Gantt chart is a useful tool in itself as seen by the examples covered in this article. Modern software furthers its utility by including other effective tools that allow you to manage your project in a more efficient way. Try planning your project y=using a Gantt chart today! 🙂

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