Gantt Schema Excel

Gantt Schema Excel

The Gantt schema has long been used to effectively plan and manage projects. Today, you can create a Gantt schema excel plan with the help of your computer or a project management software. It optimises project work, stimulates collaboration among other benefits that we will cover in this article. Let’s take a look at what the Gantt schema can do for you and your projects!


What is a Gantt Schema?


A Gantt schema serves as a visualisation of the tasks scheduled as part of the project you are completing over time. Gantt schemas are used for planning different types of projects. They are a useful method used to show and clarify what work is scheduled to be done and when. The duration of your project is clearly portrayed, and it allows everyone involved with the project to be on the same page as regards the milestones to be reached.

A Gantt schema excel can be acquired from various project management software and your Gantt schema exported into an excel format or simply made from scratch on excel. Software however tends to be more beneficial as it also includes other effective and useful project management tools to optimise your planning process.


simple gantt chart


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Gantt Schema Excel


A Gantt schema excel or a Gantt schema created with project management software allows you and your project team to see the following key aspects of the project:


  • The project start date
  • The project tasks
  • Team members assigned to each task
  • Task durations
  • Task start and end dates
  • Task relationships
  • Project end date


Gantt Schema Excel Benefits


People often create task lists on excel and in their own form create a Gantt schema excel plan. This works great when only one person is referring to the plan or completing the project. For projects that involve more people and that tend to be more complex and detailed a Gantt schema software that also allows you to export your Gantt schema to excel format is highly beneficial for the following reasons:


  • Project scheduling
  • Increased collaboration
  • Increased productivity levels
  • Resource management tools
  • Planning in sprints
  • Progress evaluation
  • Communication
  • Project progress control
  • Tracking individual work


How to Create a Gantt Schema Excel Plan


Creating a Gantt schema excel plan could not be easier, especially with the help of an effective project management software that offers useful project management tools. The following are the steps to be taken when creating a Gantt schema:

    • Project objectives. Plan your objectives which will serve as the milestones that you aim to reach during the project.
    • List out the various tasks to be completed as part of your project. Define how long each task should take and their start and end dates. These tasks will appear on the Gantt schema excel plan in order across a calendar format.
    • Break complex tasks into sub tasks. This helps to make work more manageable.
    • Assign team members to each of the project tasks. In this way, everyone will be aware of their own individual responsibilities and can plan their work accordingly, while allowing you to track their progress.
    • Validate tasks when they have been completed. This will give everyone involved in the project a real-time update of project progress and will help to make work run smoothly.  

Overall, the Gantt schema excel plan is something that is now widely accessible to any type of project manager. Project management online software is on hand to make the process easier and more interactive. Try planning your next project using a Gantt schema and let us know what you think in the comments below! 😊

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