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project management skills

Project management skills are a very wide and diverse set of skills that it is important to be reminded of what all of these skills and talents are. Qualities of a project manager differ from one project manager to the next, with each project manager displaying different technical skills. However, if you are familiar with the Gantt system you will have a platform in which you take all of these skills and put them together. Project managers possess a wide variety of skills and talents that are all needed to help to get the job done. By using the below 10 essential project management skills,Read More →

what is resources planning

Why is resource planning essential? In order to make the best use of all available resources that your company has access to, proper management of them is important. This is the Resource Planning definition; a systematic process that aims to make the best possible use of an organisation’s available resources in order to accomplish a specific goal.   What is Resource Planning?   Resource planning takes into account all the projects that need to be completed and considers the availability of the resources that will be allocated to each task. Different aspects of a project resource plan include: Human Resource Planning – This is theRead More →

who are stakeholders in a project

Тhе tеrm project stakeholder rеfеrs tо аn іndіvіduаl, grоuр, оr оrgаnіzаtіоn, whо mау аffесt, bе аffесtеd bу оr реrсеіvе іtsеlf tо bе аffесtеd bу а dесіsіоn, асtіvіtу, оr оutсоmе оf а рrојесt. Рrојесt stаkеhоldеrs аrе еntіtіеs thаt hаvе аn іntеrеst іn а gіvеn рrојесt. Тhеsе stаkеhоldеrs mау bе іnsіdе оr оutsіdе аn оrgаnіzаtіоn whісh: Ѕроnsоr а рrојесt, оr Наvе а bеnеfіt оr а gаіn uроn suссеssful соmрlеtіоn оf а рrојесt; Мау hаvе а роsіtіvе оr nеgаtіvе іnfluеnсе оn thе рrојесt соmрlеtіоn. Examples of Stakeholders in a Project Тhе fоllоwіng аrе nіnе (9) ехаmрlеs оf рrојесt stаkеhоldеrs: Іnvеstоrs Тhе оwnеrs оf а busіnеss. Іnvеstоrs tурісаllу hаvе аRead More →

Planning is one of the most significant and important stages in project management. Having a method to help you plan efficiently and effectively is now crucial to project success. A Gantt schedule excel plan is an example of such a method. In this article, we will take a look at what a Gantt schedule is, its benefits and a sample project schedule Gantt chart example.   What is a Gantt Schedule?   A Gantt schedule is effectively a way to plan out the workload of your projects. It has been used for many years in the project management community dating back to when it couldRead More →

Purpose of a Gantt Chart

Gantt chart seems to be the buzzword in project management, but what is the purpose of a Gantt Chart? In this article, we will cover the purpose of Gantt chart planning and look at its purpose specifically for project teams and complex projects. What is a Gantt Chart and What is its Purpose? A Gantt chart was developed by Henry L. Gantt way back in 1917 and is still used in project management today. A Gantt chart is essentially a visualisation of the workflow of a project, which includes the various tasks and activities and how they will link and work together to eventually leadRead More →

project timeline template

A way to save time and to increase efficiency is very valued in project management. A project timeline template is a great example of a way to save your project team valuable amounts of time and to increase efficiency. In this article, we will go over how to create timeline online in Excel, an Excel project timeline example and why and how to use a project timeline in Excel.   What is a Project Timeline Template?   And interactive timeline template is designed to help project teams and managers visualise the critical workflow of their projects from their beginning to their completion. A simple projectRead More →

Gantt Chart Creator

A Gantt chart creator is an online platform that you can use to create a complex or basic Gantt chart to map out the workflow of your projects. It is an effective method that has been used for many years, dating back to 1917. In this article, we will look at what an online Gantt chart creator is, how to create one and its benefits to your projects and project team.   What is an Online Gantt Chart Creator?   Originally, a basic Gantt chart was created using pen and paper when it was first developed in 1917 by Henry L. Gantt. This made itRead More →

monthly Gantt Chart

According to the PMI Pulse of the Profession 2017, a lack of clear goals is the most common factor behind project failure at 37%. A monthly Gantt chart online is a project management method that can be used to clearly define your project goals and milestones for your team to follow. Using a monthly Gantt chart excel template advantages your projects in a number of ways. In this article, we will go over the benefits of using a Gantt chart monthly template, how to use a monthly chart template and what a monthly Gantt chart is. What is a Monthly Gantt Chart? A monthly GanttRead More →

best free gantt chart software

Planning your projects with a Gantt chart can greatly advantage your project management experience. There are many different types of free online garden chart software. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best online Gantt chart software that allow you to create the best free Gantt chart for your project. We’ll see what tools they have to offer and what aspects some of them could work on.   Best Free Gantt Chart Software   A Gantt is a project management method used to help you plan your project efficiently and effectively. It is a visual summarisation of the tasks, activityRead More →

Gantt Chart Excel Template

An excel project management template with Gantt schedule creation is very useful for any type of project you are undertaking with your team. You can use a Microsoft Excel Gantt chart template free download to plan your project efficiently and effectively. In this article, we will take a look at what a free Gantt chart excel template can offer you, a project charter template excel and the benefits of an easy and simple Gantt chart excel template. Free Gantt Chart Excel Template A Gantt chart excel template free download is a template designed for use by project management professionals that wish to plan their projectRead More →