Planning Gantt

Project management can often seem like a complicated task especially if the project you and your team are managing are complex. Planning Gantt charts is an effective way to manage projects. In this article, we will take a look at a project plan Gantt chart, a project plan Gantt chart template and their uses in modern project management.

A Gantt chart is essentially a bar chart that allows you to create a visualisation of your project schedule. The project plan Gantt chart is named after Henry Gantt who is known to have developed the project Gantt plan. It dates back to 1910 and its versions are still used today in project management, showing its effectiveness to project planning.  

Project Plan Gantt Chart Excel Template

Project management software often offers a project plan Gantt excel template which can be used to plan your projects in a more effective and time-saving way based on previous successful projects. This furthers the benefits of a normal Gantt chart by allowing you to put the templates to use on your own projects. Gantt chart planning have evolved over the years and become easy-to-use and interactive to make the project plan more effective.

Gantt Plan

A Gantt plan or chart provides organisations and project teams with a way to create an effective project schedule. The schedule is planned out across a timeline and includes the tasks and activities to be completed as part of the project. The width of each of the bars on the Gantt plan signify the duration of each of the tasks. The start and finish dates of the project are also easily determined when planning using a Gantt schema. Some tasks cannot be started until others are completed and this is known as task dependency. A modern time plan Gantt chart highlights these crucial interdependencies which is very useful for effective time management of the project.

Time Plan Gantt Chart

A time plan Gantt chart is fantastic to use for project team and project planning in terms of deciding on time management over the course of the project. Projects tend to have a set duration, which means that the tasks and activities need to be completed within a specific timeframe. Planning your project on a time plan chart allows you to figure out the required duration of each of the tasks and to figure out how to avoid being late with project completion.

Project Planning Chart

The Gantt chart is overall a very useful and effective project planning chart to use in order to create a clear visualisation of the project workload. Dependencies between tasks can be highlighted and the task durations and orders made clear for everyone involved with the project to see. A project planning Gantt chart excel template can be used to learn about the structure of a project and to become more familiarised with the Gantt schema.

Overall, it is clear that a Gantt schema can greatly serve your project planning through its calendar-like structure and visualisation of what needs to be done in order to complete the project successfully.  Let us know in the comments what you like most about using a Gantt schema to plan your projects! 🙂


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