Project Gantt Chart

A project Gantt chart is an effective way to manage your projects. In this article, we will take a look at what a project Gantt chart is, a project Gantt chart excel and project Gantt charts online as well as project Gantt chart templates that you can use for planning your projects.  

The Gantt Schema was first created in 1910 and further developed by Henry Gantt in 1917. It is a bar chart placed across a timeline that is used to plan out the workload of a project by placing activities to be completed in order while also specifying the duration of each task. It serves as a visualisation for project teams to see what needs to be done as part of a project and by when. A project Gantt chart excel template can also be used to plan project based on previous successful project layouts and can save you and your team time and effort.


Project Gantt Chart Template


A project Gantt chart template is essentially a template of a Gantt chart based on previous completed projects that can be used to plan out similar projects. A template can save you and your team crucial amounts of time and effort, especially if you carry out similar projects. It means that you don’t have to plan each project from scratch every time. Templates can be modified according to the specific requirements of your project.

By creating a Gantt chart and sharing it with the project management community you are helping others and sharing experience which promotes collaboration and essentially better results. Anything from an IT project Gantt chart template to a marketing project Gantt chart template can be found and applied to your projects which is especially useful if you are unfamiliar with the project Gantt chart. A MS project Gantt chart template can be used to plan the workload of your project, saving you time in planning the project from scratch.


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Project Gantt Chart Excel


Excel is commonly used to draw up Gantt charts for projects. The format and layout is a timeline and the project is planned horizontally. A free project Gantt chart template excel format can be used and templates can also be exported to excel in order to modify the Gantt charts to the specificities of your project.

Excel can be used to create a Gantt chart from scratch, which is one way of utilising a project Gantt chart. Today, project management software offers updated and modern versions of Gantt charts which also include various project management tools to help you manage your project and its work more efficiently and effectively. An IT project Gantt chart example can be looked at for a clearer understanding of how a Gantt chart works. A software development project with its various tasks and activities would serve as an example.


Project Gantt Chart Online


Project Gantt charts are now available online, especially with cloud-based project management software. A sample project Gantt chart can be found and used. The best part of creating and using a project Gantt chart online is the fact that it is cloud-based which means that the project and all information pertaining to it is stored safely in one place.

Decentralised teams are becoming more and more common today. For this reason, a project Gantt chart online is fantastic for teams that are made up of members from different areas of parts of the world. Creating a Microsoft project Gantt chart is useful but doesn’t come with the project management tools that project Gantt chart software offers.

A website project Gantt chart is interactive and some applications offer easy-to-use and complete versions that allow you to not only create a Gantt chart, but to also plan and manage resources, communicate, measure performance and allocate team members, among many other tools.

Overall, the project Gantt chart is a very useful way to plan out the workload of your projects. Templates are an efficient way of using a project Gantt chart and online project Gantt chart software offers useful tools to further improve your project management. If you enjoyed this article, leave it a like and comment down below about why you find project Gantt chars an effective way to manage your projects! 🙂


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