10 Project Management Skills

project management skills

Project management skills are a very wide and diverse set of skills that it is important to be reminded of what all of these skills and talents are. Qualities of a project manager differ from one project manager to the next, with each project manager displaying different technical skills. However, if you are familiar with the Gantt system you will have a platform in which you take all of these skills and put them together.

Project managers possess a wide variety of skills and talents that are all needed to help to get the job done. By using the below 10 essential project management skills, you too will be able to become a successful project leader and will be able to display a whole host of incredible projects in your portfolio.


How to hire a Project Manager


Before we continue with our article on our 10 essential project management skills, let’s see some questions a  Project Manager should be able to answer in an interview.


Project Manager interview questions:

  • Which were the communication challenges on your last project?
  • Which are the three key challenges for our industry today and how can these be tackled effectively?
  • How do you communicate bad news?
  • Which are some best practices you’ve used to develop excellent customer relationships?
  • Which are some of the tools and resources you’ve used to develop your team?
  • How easily do you delegate responsibility?
  • How do you monitor and review the delegated responsibilities?
  • Describe two areas in your current project where there is a high level of uncertainty. How do you tackle these uncertainties?
  • How do you control changes to your project?
  • Which tools do you use as a manager to plan your activities as well as that of your team?
  • Can you give me a few examples of a time when you made a tough decision and it backfired?

Role and responsibilities of Project Manager


A Project Manager should demonstrate your ability to bridge the potential gap between administration and teams. It is important to highlight technical, organisational and administrative skills through real-life examples and experiences.

Project Manager skills and competencies are clear. The skills that should be included in your resume and backed up by previous experience are:

  • Team management
  • Project initiation
  • Project planning
  • Accountability
  • Control
  • Internal and external communication


10 Project Management Skills and Qualities of a Project Manager


These are some of skills required for Project Manager and some examples of project management skills…



Let’s start with the most important skill; Project Manager communication skills. The ability to communicate with your team and other agencies associated with the project will enable you to succeed and to have a very fulfilling project.

Your team will respect you more as a leader and the whole process will tie in nicely; especially when using the Gantt system too. Communication can be a very good foundation for our next skill…



Everyone wants a project manager whom can lead the team to success. A strong leader will always ensure that a project runs smoothly, everyone involved knows their roles and are working to the best of their abilities. Some would say that people are born with leadership skills, but we are firm believers that leadership skills can be learned and developed overtime.

Team management skills list:

  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Delegating effectively
  • Bringing out the best in others
  • Communicating with a variety of personality types.
  • Perceiving and understanding employee work styles.
  • Proactively detecting and resolving problems.
  • Resolving disputes.
  • Doling out recognition.
  • Serving before leading.
  • Unifying teams.
  • Being approachable.
  • Representing the team.
  • Willingness to learn from the team.
  • Strategically facing difficult conversations.


Risk Management

In life, there is always risk. You cannot escape risk. But a strong project manager will have the skills to be able to identify the risks, assess and control the risks too. A good project manager will also have the skills and mindset to be able to deal with any unanticipated risks that arise during the project.



A project schedule is the only way to truly be able to manage the project and to keep the project moving forward. This is where putting a solid Gantt system comes in handy. A successful project manager will be able to set up a realistic schedule and manage the project to ensure the schedule is met. The Gantt chart, if used correctly, will be able to help the project manager to visualize this schedule and delegate tasks as required.



To a degree, having good communication skills will really help with your negotiation. And when we talk about negotiation, we aren’t just discussing trying to always barter for the best possible price, it’s about being able to negotiate conflicts that may arise amongst the team or the smoothing over of stakeholders if a schedule is not met.


Cost Management

This is where good negotiation skills can come in. A project manager with good technical skills will be able to set a budget and stick to it – and with this comes the need to stick to tight budgets and negotiate the best possible prices, and to negotiate with contractors to squeeze as much out of the investment as possible.


Task Management

Using a Gantt system works incredibly well for task management. By scheduling various tasks and staying on top of them, a professional project manager will have the skills and determination to manage the tasks as and when they are needed to be performed.

Top Task Management skills:

  • Agile Management. Project Manager must be agile and flexible.
  • Planning risks and scenarios.
  • Control and Assessment.
  • Resource Management. Each task has its own resource management
  • Team Management from one tool.


Critical Thinking

As we mentioned previously, when working on a project, various risks emerge or aspects to the project that could not have been anticipated. The ability to think on one’s feet can truly set a project manager from the rest and will display their unique leadership skills when needed. This is one of the most important project manager resume skills.


Project Quality Management

Above all of the above skills, quality management is the tie that holds the whole thing together. Sure, you need to get the job done; but it should be completed to a high standard. This of course benefits the entire project, but your role and reputation as a project manager too.



Sure, you don’t need to be a clown. However a good sense of humour allows the best project managers to see things differently, calm down uncomfortable situations and makes the whole project fun and easy to work on for all involved!


What is Project Management Professional (PMP)?


Project Management Professional (PMP) is an internationally recognized professional designation offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

You can find PMPs leading projects in nearly every country and, unlike other certifications that focus on a particular geography or domain, the PMP® is truly global. As a PMP, you can work in virtually any industry, with any methodology and in any location.


How to become a  Professional Project Manager


Firstly, to become a project manager, you must acquire at least a bachelor’s degree in business management. Or you can also get a bachelor’s degree in a specific area, depending on what type of project manager you would like to become.

Some colleges and universities also have project quality management or organizational management programs that you can participate in.

Some project management certificate programs are also available online, and credits received in a certificate program can be used for graduate-level project management programs depending on the school and program. Or you can also get a certificate through an association such as Project Management Professional.


What is the Salary for a Project Manager?


Besides,  What is the salary for a project manager? Depending on the project manager’s experience and the type of project manager, salaries can vary. A starting salary for a project manager is around £34.697 and can go up to approximately £96.383.

According to Study.com, the career outlook for a project manager will increase by 15.7 million project management jobs between 2010 to 2020.

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