The Ins and Outs of a Project Timeline Template

project timeline template

A way to save time and to increase efficiency is very valued in project management. A project timeline template is a great example of a way to save your project team valuable amounts of time and to increase efficiency.

In this article, we will go over how to create timeline online in Excel, an Excel project timeline example and why and how to use a project timeline in Excel.


What is a Project Timeline Template?


And interactive timeline template is designed to help project teams and managers visualise the critical workflow of their projects from their beginning to their completion. A simple project timeline format is used to help create an illustration of the project plan that is then used to communicate the process to the team and other stakeholders. A project timeline template has many benefits for projects and project teams which we will take a look at further on in the article.


Gantt Chart Creator


Using a calendar timeline template can help you to effectively communicate the milestones and tasks that are to be completed as part of the project you and your team are undertaking. Project timelines help to outline the most important deliverables of a project in the order that they need to be delivered. A project timeline template further helps project teams to complete this action.


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Excel Project Timeline Example


Let’s take a project example to help us understand the Excel project timeline template. Let’s say that you are completing a marketing campaign design project. You would first find a timeline diagram template that you like and feel would suit your project. You would then follow some of the following steps:

  1. Name your project Marketing Campaign Design
  2. Under team members fill in each name and their respective roles
  3. Adjust the timeframes of the tasks that need to be adjusted to suit your specific project
  4. Name each of your tasks such as Market Research, Client Meeting, Design 1 and so on.
  5. Share the plan created with your team and other stakeholders such as the client.


Free Project Timeline Excel Template



Why Use a Project Timeline Template Excel?


A project timeline template excel is useful to project management for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at how an interactive timeline template can help improve your project plans:


  • Collaboration: A simple project timeline for mass is easy to follow and understand. This is especially important for increasing collaboration within the project team. A project timeline template Excel format is intuitive, easy to use and therefore increases scope for collaboration.
  • Clarity: Using a project management timeline template allows you to clearly plan out the tasks and activities that are to be completed as part of your project. Furthermore, task relationships and dependencies can be clearly defined, and your team will be able to visualise the workflow of the project.
  • Sharing: A simple project timeline format can be easily followed and filled in with regards a free timeline template download. After efficiently creating your project plan you can then share it with your project team, whether in meetings or simply online.


The Benefits of a Free Timeline Template Download


An editable project timeline template is very beneficial for project timelines in a number of ways. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a free timeline template download:

  • Time: The most obvious benefit of a free timeline template download is its time-saving capabilities for you and your project team. Using a horizontal timeline template allows you to skip the laborious step of creating a timeline from scratch.
  • Experience: Very often, a free timeline template download comes from other experienced project management professionals that have used this format for their own projects. This means that the templates are high quality and can even help to build your own knowledge around creating timelines.
  • Ease: If you are new to the project management field, A timeline template is a fantastic introduction into creating project timelines and how they work. Most importantly, they are very easy to use and apply to your projects.



How to Make a Project Timeline in Excel


In order to create timeline online in Excel, there are a number of steps that you need to follow. Let’s review the most important steps as regards how to make a project timeline in Excel:

  1. List key tasks and dates in an Excel table: These should include critical events, important deliverables and milestones and will be used to create the timeline.
  2. Set up a Scatter chart: Click any blank cell. Select the Insert tab and go to the Charts section. In the drop down select scatter and this will insert a blank white chart space.
  3. Add Milestone data: Right-click on the blank white chart and click Select Data which will bring up a Select Data Source window.
  4. Turn it into a timeline: Click the chart to bring up a set of controls. Click the + button to open the Chart elements menu. Uncheck gridlines and chart title. In the additional axis option uncheck primary vertical.
  5. Format: Add connectors from each of your milestone and task points.
  6. Add titles: This is the last formatting and stylistic step.


Overall, a visual timeline template is beneficial to your projects in a number of different ways as we have reviewed in this article. It is especially relevant to companies that tend to complete similar projects. Use a monthly timeline template, save time and effort and let us know what you think in the comments below! 😊


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