Simple Gantt Chart

simple gantt chart

A simple Gantt chart can greatly advantage your projects and their planning. In this article, we will go over what a simple Gantt chart is, an example, the benefits of using an excel template and how project management software can make your projects more efficient and effective thanks to its simple Gantt maker tool.


Simple Gantt Chart Template


A Gantt chart is a way to effectively plan and manage projects in project management. It has been used for many years and started by using only pencils and paper. Now, there are Gantt charts available online that can make your project work more efficient by planning it out across a horizontal timeline structure, allowing everyone involved in the project to see what is happening and when.

A simple Gantt chart template is essentially a template of a planned project that you can use to apply to your own project, while making any necessary modifications or adjustments. A simple Gantt chart excel template free version allows you to save crucial amounts of time and effort in planning your projects by simply using a previous similar and successful project structure.


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Simple Gantt Chart Example


In order to understand how a simple Gantt chart creator works, let’s use a project example. Let’s say your project is centred around planning the window display for a new retail shop. First, you would have to break down the project into its individual activities such as meeting with the client to discuss their needs, drawing up potential designs, meeting with the client again to choose the final design, gathering all materials, building the display and putting the finishing touches to the display.

The tasks can also be broken down into more manageable sub tasks with a simple Gantt chart software. The tasks are than planned across the timeline format of a simple Gantt chart tool and the most important tasks to project completion are highlighted. Team members should then be assigned to each activity and project work can begin.


Simple Gantt Chart Online


A simple Gantt chart maker project management software allows you effectively plan your projects and to then keep track of their progress throughout the project’s lifecycle. Tools included will allow each team member will have access to the project plan and individualised work lists allowing them to clearly understand what is expected of them and by when.

The critical path allows you and your team to visualise the tasks most critical to successful project completion and team members are easily assigned to tasks and activities where they can also communicate with each other, share ideas and resolve doubts. This greatly increases collaboration and the simple Gantt tool is easy to learn and very interactive. A simple Gantt chart excel template is also available in various formats within the project management community.


The Benefits of Using Simple Gantt Chart Software


Having the ability to use a free simple Gantt chart excel template allows you and your project team to save a lot of valuable time and energy, while basing your project on a previous successful project.

Organisation is essential to effective project management. A simple Gantt chart maker allows you to effectively organise the workflow of your projects and to share the plan with your team. In this way, everyone is aware of the structure of the project and what is expected of each individual.

Collaboration is greatly stimulated with project management software. The various communicative tools offered as part of the software ensure that everyone stays connected and can share ideas, resolve doubts and discuss tasks. A weekly email update is also sent to team members updating them on project progress.

Cloud-based software means that the project plan and simple Gantt chart can be accessed by anyone involved with the project at anytime from anywhere in the world, making it perfect for decentralised teams. This also means that any simple Gantt chart template word documents or any other types of documents associated with the projects can be kept safe in one place.

A simple Gantt chart that is also effective can be the difference between the success and failure of a project It is important that any Gantt chart tool you are using is easy to understand and to actually put to use.


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