How to do a Gantt Chart Timeline

gantt chart timeline

The Gantt chart timeline is a method used to effectively and efficiently plan the workflow of your projects. In order to create a timeline graphic for your project plan you should understand the logic behind it and learn about the creation of a timeline chart online. In this article, we will take a look at how to do a Gantt chart timeline, the benefits of using a Gantt chart timeline and an example of a simple project timeline.


How to do a Gantt Chart Timeline


A project timeline Gantt chart works by helping you to visualise and plan the work of your projects. In terms of how to make a timeline chart, there are a few key steps that you should follow:

  • Plan your project’s objectives. These objectives will serve as the milestones that you want to reach throughout the lifecycle of your project and can be highlighted on a project timeline graphic.
  • Input the various tasks that are to be completed as part of the project and the time parameters within which they should be completed. An easy timeline will clearly place these tasks in a horizontal order across a calendar structure for you and our team to see what needs to be done and when.
  • Complex tasks can be broken down into sub tasks on a timeline bar chart. This helps to clarify work and breakdown more complicated activities.
  • Assign team members to each task so that everyone is aware of their responsibility and input extra information about each task in the Gantt chart timeline. In this way, you can also monitor team member work.
  • Validate tasks once they have been completed and everyone will be able to follow project progress in real time.


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The Benefits of a Gantt Chart Timeline


Questions such as how to make a timeline on pages or how to make a timeline on the computer often arise. Now that we have covered the basic steps for creating a Gantt chart timeline online, let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

  • A Gantt chart timeline graphic provides clarity for any type of project and how it will be undertaken. This clarity can be difference between project success and failure.
  • By planning out the tasks of your project on a simple project timeline you can easily coordinate work and visualise how everything will flow. A Gantt chart timeline that utilises the critical path method can further benefit your plan by calculating the optimal work route and defining task relationships.
  • A Gantt chart timeline made online gives a lot of scope for creativity. You can test potential scenarios and see how they would affect the overall project and you can make changes easily online.
  • A project timeline Gantt chart helps teams immensely with time management as the calendar format clearly informs team members as to what needs to be done and by when.


Timeline Graphs


If you are wondering how to make a good timeline, two important factors are information and collaboration. The more information that you can input into a project timeline graphic, the clearer it will be. Team members will be able to understand more clearly what is expected and work is bound to be more productive.

Collaboration is another important factor when you want to create timeline chart online. Involving team members in the planning stage will serve as motivation and show them that you value their input and opinion. Involvement and productivity will undoubtedly increase, and the Gantt chart timeline will be more effective.


Gantt Timeline Communication


Having an interactive plan for your projects can help to stimulate collaboration and productivity. In terms of how to make an interactive timeline, communicative tools are key. A project management timeline chart that include communicative tools is very beneficial. Features such as cat can be used by team members to discuss ideas and to resolve doubts or ask questions.

This provides crucial support and a feeling of being part of a team that is always on hand to help you. This helps to increase stimulation and even provide better quality results. A project wall that continuously updates your team on project progress or any modifications that have been made to the project plan is another effective tool that will help increase productivity and make the Gantt chart timeline more effective.


IT Timeline


The best way to understand how a Gantt chart timeline works is to look at an example. Let’s say you and your project team are carrying out a software development project. The first step is to defining your project objectives. For example, this could be confirming client requirements, making the first version and testing. Your project tasks might include requirement gathering, analysis, design, coding, testing, deployment, maintenance.

Each of these tasks can be further broken down into sub tasks. You would then input the time durations of each task. The benefit of a Gantt chart vs timeline is that a Gantt chart can also include the critical path method. From this, your optimal workflow can be calculated, and task dependencies clearly defined. Team members can be easily assigned as can resources required among other beneficial tools that a simple basic timeline would not include.

After reading this article, we hope that you now have a clearer understanding of how to create a timeline of events for a project and the benefits a project timeline diagram can bring to your project management activities. If you enjoyed this article or have any questions about a project timeline diagram, leave u a comment below! 🙂

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