Issue management is one of the important parameters that are essential for the running of a business organization. Different issues are bound to spring up in the course of undertaking the activities of an organization. Hence proper management of issues is very paramount in an organization. Issue Management Issue management is the process of identifying and resolving issues in the activities of an organization. Issue management is a tool that is useful in the identification and resolution of issues swiftly before they have an undesirable impact which can have damaging effects on the operations of an organization. In reality, there is no way an organizationRead More →

Scrum project management is the procedure for the management of applications delivery; it provides a simple process that uses iterative and incremental practices thereby assisting organizations in delivering work applications more frequently. ¬†Scrum project management is a tested and trusted way that is widely adopted because of its ability to achieve application agility. Scrum project management In scrum project management, scrum cycle can be repeated until enough work items are completed, the budget is exhausted or a deadline arrives. It will ensure the completion of the valuable work in a project. Scrum project management is ideal for the use of teams of between 3 –Read More →

Marketing plays a vital role in every business undertaking. Without it, most business ventures will automatically collapse. The inability of many businesses to take time to create a comprehensive marketing plan has led to their failure. A marketing plan is referred to as a blueprint in which the marketing effort and strategies of an organization are outlined. It is a roadmap that informs the stakeholders with a general overview across different categories. Also, it is defined as a business operational document for outreach and advertising to generate leads and reach its target market. It is a strategy that turns the target audience into customers byRead More →

decision making in management

As we may already know, decision making and problem solving in management constitute the very core of business. Basically, key management decisions go a long way to shape the business even in the future. Every day, leaders and managers are faced with situations where they have to make decisions. This is where decision making strategies in management come to light, as the business eventually become a product of the various decisions as made by its leaders. Various decision making styles have been in play for the longest part of human existence, consequently, business professionals have had to find ways to make use of available decisionRead More →