Marketing plan template and example

Marketing plays a vital role in every business undertaking. Without it, most business ventures will automatically collapse. The inability of many businesses to take time to create a comprehensive marketing plan has led to their failure.

A marketing plan is referred to as a blueprint in which the marketing effort and strategies of an organization are outlined. It is a roadmap that informs the stakeholders with a general overview across different categories.

Also, it is defined as a business operational document for outreach and advertising to generate leads and reach its target market. It is a strategy that turns the target audience into customers by retaining them.

The steps that are needed to take for the organization to reach its marketing goals are well-stated in it. It is a roadmap showing the steps to take to get to that position. Without this, things can get messy. As a result of the peculiarities in the various industries, each industry has its goals and objectives and marketing plan depends on the goals of each organization.

However, technological advancement has taken marketing to another step further by employing the latest technological and electronic media, social media and others to showcase what the organization has to offer its customers.


Digital Marketing plan template for Small Business


Digital marketing involves the marketing of products or services using digital technologies such as the internet, mobile phones, and display advertising. Ever since the introduction of digital marketing, a lot of changes were experienced in the marketing business.

This led to the incorporation of various digital platforms into marketing plans. This has made it possible to engage in e-marketing and e-commerce leading to a reduction in the rigor and problems associated with physical shopping

Digital marketing plan template is a template of the previous digital marketing plan saved for the future use of the company. It is ideal for the use of small businesses because it will save a lot of time and it can be easily edited to accommodate changes that might be needed. Sinnaps, project management software has many templates that can be used by small businesses for this purpose.


Digital Marketing plan template


Simple marketing plan example


This can be used by small business companies. It can be for a specific timeframe and it will include the business summary, business initiatives, target market, market strategy, budget, and marketing channel.

Sinnaps will help you in creating an effective and efficient marketing plan template for your business.


Marketing plan objectives example


An efficient and thorough SWOT analysis helps in redefining the marketing of objectives and how these align to the business objectives.

Basically, marketing plan objectives include the following:

  • Increasing sales
  • Building brand awareness
  • Growing market share
  • To launch new products or services
  • Creating new markets internationally or locally
  • To enhance customer relationship
  • Improvement of internal communication
  • Profit optimization

However, the overall objective of the organization must be reflected in its marketing objectives and drive the direction of the marketing strategy. Effectiveness calls for the objectives to be SMART. A SMART objective is always; specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

For example, XYZ, as a company aims to attain a growth of 100% in production by 2028, annually we intend to step up our production capacity by a minimum of 10% and this will be done in accordance with the global standard practices.

We hope to stay competitive and be a global market leader in the industry. We intend to build on our awareness so as to make our presence more felt globally through rigorous advertisement.


Creating a marketing proposal


A marketing proposal is a written document used by marketers to communicate a project to a client for consideration, which will include strategy ideas, delivery timeframes, and estimated costs before finalizing the terms and signing a contract for approval.

It is designed to satisfy the business goals of the client. While creating a marketing proposal, the marketer must ensure that the following elements are embedded in the proposal.

1) The marketing proposal must be client-oriented. This states that the needs of the clients are of paramount importance. All information and effort should be focused on how their needs are efficiently met.

2) Adherence to a consistent structure. The structure involves:

Problem statement: the objective of this is to inform the client that you have a full understanding of the problem they are looking to address

Proposed solution: this will involve the suggestion of recommendations and then attribute each to a benefit which the client stands to gain while choosing your business.

Pricing: information on your pricing structure and how they are arrived at should be clearly stated and clarified.

It should be concise, objectives and expectation must be clearly stated. Your objectives distinguish you from your competitors and how you deal with your audience is different.


Content marketing plan template free


This will provide you with a step-by-step guide for implementing content marketing in your company for free. Also, it covers the execution of content marketing so that the goals of the organization can be achieved and connected with your audience. It will include the executive summary, review of objectives, description of the customers, information about your brands, description of your marketing team and their responsibilities. Also, it will include your plan for content promotion.


Content marketing plan template free


Marketing planning process


It is a systematic approach to the achievement of marketing goals. It is basically a step-by-step guide that provides information about how to market and sell your product in the market within a specified period of time. It involves the following:

1) Developing the action plan:  this will involve making your vision and setting your goals, the mission statement, and the company’s objectives

2) Analysis of the present situation: this includes the overview and examination of your present condition. It will also involve market audit and SWOT analysis.

3) Developing a marketing strategy: this involves creating marketing objectives and marketing strategies to accomplish the overall company’s objectives. This requires the analysis of all the marketing tactics available for the best promotion of the product. This will help in making selection of different marketing strategies and help you identify what tactics to be adopted in approaching your target market.

4) Employing, executing, and evaluating the planning process: this is the most important planning process because it includes the operational level activities. At this level, resources are allocated and budgets are made for the implementation of the strategies.


Marketing campaign template


This is developed or designed to help marketers manage marketing campaigns more effectively. It is a template of the previous marketing campaign saved by the user or one made available by software such as Sinnaps, the members of your team can assess and edit it to meet the specific needs thereby saving them a lot of time that would have been used to design it again.


Marketing plan executive summary


It is a document that details how the business plans to convince people to buy its products or services. It is a brief overview of the entire plan. The summary introduces your company or business to the audience and states clearly the main points of your marketing plan.

This will contain the following:

  • Business or company’s introduction, under this, a brief description of the company’s product or service is required.
  • It will also state the qualifications of business partners and other key employees.
  • Mission statement and objectives
  • Description of business and management team: The executive summary details to the reader on the business ownership, whether it is a sole proprietorship, partnership or a limited liability or corporation.
  • Marketing strategies and objectives should be clearly stated.


Marketing communication plan


This is a plan to communicate your marketing information to your target audience/customers about your product or service. It provides that focus that enables you to know where you are going with your strategy, what you intend to say and do to have your product promoted and how the product will be distributed.

Furthermore, the components of a marketing plan will include the following that will keep the sales pipeline in full:

  •         Market Research: this is the backbone of the marketing plan
  •         Target market: this identifies the needs of buyers
  •         Positioning: this tells you what the perception of your brand is in the market
  •         Competitive analysis
  •         Market strategy
  •         Budget
  •         Metrics


Marketing budget plan


It is very crucial to ensure that your marketing budget is well utilized to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and come up with a solid marketing plan. The following steps will ensure that you are spending your marketing budget appropriately:

  • Know your sales funnel: this will help you in tracking the results throughout the revenue cycle
  • Know your operational costs: this will allow you to know how much it would cost in time and labor to deliver contacts
  • Set your marketing budget based on business goals.
  • Position marketing as an investment
  • Consider your growth stage
  • Understand the current and future trends.


Executive summary example marketing plan


An example of an executive summary will describe the entirety of the business in a few pages. In essence, it can be the only document a prospective investor will read initially. Hence, brevity, clarity, and conciseness are of paramount importance.

Next is the overview, this section consists a few paragraphs that clearly describe the product you intend to develop, the target market for the product, and how the product is different from competitive solution in the market. An example is…

XYZ is a vegetable oil marketing company that allows people to buy quality vegetable oil that is cholesterol-free, unlike other brands of vegetable oil. XYZ as a company cares so much about the healthy lifestyles of the people.

Next is the problem section, here, you will have a short story that concisely identifies the problems the product is designed to solve. Educate them on what is the current state of the problem, let them know why it is a problem, and for whom it is a problem. Inspire them on what the customer will achieve with the product and that is not currently available in the market.

Always endeavor to use sentences in a declarative manner with simple words to drive home each point.


Marketing plan software


This is software that can be used by business managers in their marketing planning tasks. Software makes the process of creating a marketing plan easy and hassle-free. It will enable the information of the marketing plans to be communicated properly to the parties involved in the implementation of the marketing plans. An example of marketing plan software is Sinnaps.

The breakthrough in technology has made b2b to further create countless market opportunities internationally through the internet. The international b2b marketing plan must be detailed in a way that will increase your chances of achieving marketing success. The following features must be notable in it:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of the market
  • Have a local presence
  • Reassess the marketing mix
  • Endeavor to build bridges before you launch your marketing campaigns
  • Set realistic expectations for yourself.

Marketing plan project is the assignment of conducting the marketing plan of your organization. It involves the use of marketing planning tools for the assignment. The tools help you in organizing your strategy, outline your goals and get your team on the same page.

An example of marketing planning tool is Sinnaps, it will aid you in marketing planning because of its ease of use, and it will improve the effectiveness of the overall marketing strategies. Again, a marketing plan project will carefully implement the marketing plan ideas that your organization hopes to execute in the plan. It includes marketing planning, marketing materials, in-person networking, direct mail, advertising, and social media marketing.

A marketing plan is a vital tool for an organization because it is the roadmap of how the future of the organization will be. Hence, it must be detailed and comprehensively prepared in order to generate the leads for the business.

It entails the use of the right tool to execute it painstakingly; Sinnaps will assist business managers in undertaking their marketing plan. It has different templates that can be adopted by managers for their marketing plan thereby saving them a lot of time.

Furthermore, the template in it can be edited in order to satisfy your needs, it is very easy to use and you can share the marketing plan with the relevant stakeholders on it. Sinnaps is cloud-based thereby making it ideal for you to save your marketing plan on it conveniently for future use.

Also, it will visualize the information of your marketing plan to your team member thereby keeping everyone in tune on its execution

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