The business landscape today is under a lot of pressure, with a lot of focus on conservation, efficiency, optimization as well as compliance. It’s hard to imagine an organization meeting its goals and retaining its essence without recourse to proper workforce management practices.  Workforce management revolves around human resources activities – hiring, scheduling, resource management, planning, task tracking, information as well as how they are shared amongst teams, etc. Sinnaps online project management software is a trusted platform with various tools and workforce management applications that are worth having in your organization. In this article, we will discuss some of the best workforce management softwareRead More →

agile kanban

The workplace today is crawling with activities and tasks that needs to be attended to in real time. Therefore, a situation is likely to ensue, where you have so much on your plate, and looking at your computer feels like there are over a million tabs open. Sinnaps project management tool incorporates all the set of ideals and principles of Agile to foster greater focus and synergy in the workplace today. And helping teams adhere to Agile principles in a way that gets things done is what the Agile project management Kanban framework is all about. Agile Kanban When you incorporate these methods in yourRead More →

best free gantt chart software

Free Gantt chart tools are all over the internet today. Some with all the features and resources that managers need to become more organised and productive with every project. Simple Gantt chart online tools including Sinnaps Online Project Management software, Asana, just to list a few – offering a quick view of the progress achieved by team members by showing the status of each task that make up the entire project, their start as well as finish dates. While online Gantt chart software can greatly impact the success of your project management endeavour, the internet is crawling with a lot of these and it mayRead More →

marketing planning tool

Marketing plays a vital role in the growth of a business organization; it is the link between the clients and the organization. Without an effective marketing plan, a business enterprise can never attain the desired success because marketing plan is a business document that outlines the marketing strategy and tactics of an organization over a specified period of time and it always covers a range of marketing-related details like cost, goals, and action steps. No doubt, the need to develop an effective and outstanding plan that will assist business organizations in beating the competition in their industry has led to the use of marketing planningRead More →

digital dashboard

Small businesses today need all the help and assistance they can get. With the fore knowledge that there is only limited time available, you begin to get a hint of the fact that the resources hitherto available to you are far from enough. As such, small businesses must seek to make the most out of every resources that come their way. The modern business today is exposed to a whole lot of data. This makes the job of making any sense out of it very difficult. But with certain strategic tools, and just the right amount of business intelligence added to their arsenal, small businessesRead More →

Best Free Online Project Management Applications

Why make use of online project management applications such as Sinnaps Online Project Management software to manage your projects? In the past, a lot of companies had employed perilous tactics with regards to project management. The result; catastrophic miscommunication and an obstructed access to data, leading to failure of the project even before it began. Don’t just take my word for it. According to its studies, the British Computer Society has it that about 68% of every project fail. This is primarily due to poor project coordination between teams. Also, according to the US Project Management Institute, companies waste a whopping sum in the tuneRead More →

The need for effective running of business organizations has spurred them to embrace the use of various tools to plan and manage their schedules. One of such tools is a schedule maker. A schedule maker assists business owners in organizing their employees’ schedule and other paramount tasks that are needed to be scheduled in their various operations. Employee schedule maker Employee schedule maker is an application that is used for scheduling the employees of an organization. It ensures the smarter and swift scheduling of the workforce of a firm. On the employee schedule maker, you will be able to generate conflict-free work schedules for theRead More →

Reverse Engineering software

Reverse engineering is the process through which an object is deconstructed to uncover its design and to extract knowledge from the object. Reverse engineering helps in making deductions for design decisions from the end products with little or no additional knowledge of the procedures involved in the initial production. The purpose of reverse engineering is to replace the incorrect, incomplete or address the proper documentation for the sake of legacy. It helps in improving the understanding of the underlying source code for the maintenance and improvement of the software, relevant information can be obtained in order to make a decision for software development and graphicalRead More →

jira alternatives

JIRA by Atlassian is one of the most famous project management software used by project managers in undertaking the tasks of their projects. It helps in creating a convenient workflow that enables project management team members to track the progress of a project. It is widely used globally by project managers to support the agile teams in planning, building, and tracking projects. JIRA version management These are versions that are points-in-time for a project; they assist project managers in scheduling and organizing their tasks by giving them the milestones to aim for. Also, it allows them to assign issues in the project to a particularRead More →

Online project managemt tool

Project management is a crucial discipline used by an organization to attain optimization in order to achieve a greater result. Project management is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve outstanding results. The need to achieve outstanding results by organizations brought about an online project management tool.   Online project management tools   Online project management tools are instruments that facilitate planning, collaboration, tracking, and reporting. They are very essential for the coordination of projects. Online project management tools provide the project managers the upgrade to the manual operations thereby making them embrace digitization through the program that is chained toRead More →