Best Free Gantt Chart Software

best free gantt chart software

Free Gantt chart tools are all over the internet today. Some with all the features and resources that managers need to become more organised and productive with every project.

Simple Gantt chart online tools including Sinnaps Online Project Management software, Asana, just to list a few – offering a quick view of the progress achieved by team members by showing the status of each task that make up the entire project, their start as well as finish dates.


While online Gantt chart software can greatly impact the success of your project management endeavour, the internet is crawling with a lot of these and it may be a lot more difficult to know that which will best suit your project needs.

The good news is – there are a lot of awesome Project Cost Management Software to make Gantt charts available online. Most of the cloud based Gantt chart software offer in-built Gantt chart builders, while those that do not simply offer third party integrations that will allow you do so.

In this article, we will cover some of the simple Gantt chart software available online with all the right features for your project needs.

Best Free Gantt Chart Software

It is important to note that this list of free software is written in no particular order and each is considered a good in its own right.

  • Sinnaps

Sinnaps is unlike most of the project management applications available today, and teams who have used it consider it among the best Gantt chart project management software for project collaboration, scheduling, tasks, subtasks, team progress as well as workload tracking, prioritization, cost estimation and more.

When compared to other software applications that offer similar features, Sinnaps stands out as one of the few with complete set of tools for project management, and does not require users to integrate the application with other third-party software. And to make it even more interesting all features are completely free.

This is why it has remained top of the list of best Gantt Chart software for small and medium businesses, agencies, government as well as private establishments.

It comes with a simple user interface and other features great for team collaboration, resource allocation as well as a predictive algorithm with priority-based scheduling for quick view of a project status.

  • TeamGantt

TeamGantt provides users with a stress-free experience when it comes to managing project timeline and scheduling tasks. The application provides users with 30 days of unlimited access within which timeframe users can access the features of the software and decide if it is compatible with their project needs. On expiration of the 30-day window however, a user may therefore upgrade to a paid plan or simply continue using the free plan which does however come with certain limitations.

  • GanttPRO

This is also a popular and leading Gantt chart tool for collaboration, scheduling among other features. Also offering a comprehensive project management tool for businesses. Among other things, it offers an easy-to-use Gantt chart program to visualize team and project progress, track workload, etc.

Other good online Gantt chart task management tools include Wrike, which is an extensive project management software embraced by many due to features tailored to the many complexities of a project. Further examples include Trello, KanbanFlow, Paymo, AND CO.

Gantt Chart for Mac

Mac users would agree that it is quite a chore to prepare software project Gantt chart examples and clear Gantt chart timelines using Mac OS.

This is why using an online collaboration tool like Sinnaps may be the best option for Mac users who are constantly looking to build important visual plans like Gantt charts, update and present timelines as well as a host of other visual plans.

Create Gantt Chart Online Free

Business managers and team members on a tight budget are constantly looking for a budget-friendly way to create Gantt charts online for free. And there is now a way for small teams – small and medium scale businesses on a tight budget to enjoy all the features of a premium project management software with all the right tools to increase business efficiency, productivity and profitability.

One major tool that is exactly quite suiting for this purpose is Sinnaps. A complete project management package where users can prepare all elements of their projects, including Gantt charts for improved monitoring, scheduling and collaboration for successful completion of projects.

Sinnaps is a web-based project management tool offering all the complete features for project management including dependencies, resource allocation, scheduling and monitoring tools like Gantt charts, critical paths and lots more. It is a robust management tool for managing task, resources, workload, team collaboration as well as keeping track on project progress. Try for free today.

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