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Small businesses today need all the help and assistance they can get. With the fore knowledge that there is only limited time available, you begin to get a hint of the fact that the resources hitherto available to you are far from enough. As such, small businesses must seek to make the most out of every resources that come their way.

The modern business today is exposed to a whole lot of data. This makes the job of making any sense out of it very difficult.

But with certain strategic tools, and just the right amount of business intelligence added to their arsenal, small businesses can begin to measure up to the challenge of competing locally as well as globally with their counterparts all over the world.

Regardless that competition has become even fiercer than ever, the time is ripe for growth of small businesses, given the greater number of opportunities that now abound. More than ever, there now exist a surfeit of incredible array of business tools with limitless applications – from production to marketing, accounting and so on.

Yet, every other day, more and more of these resources are made available, with some of them being completely free.

Unlike before, businesses can improve processes, results, achieve increased productivity and save time.

In this article, we have put together a list of such business applications that you will need for your business.

Digital Dashboard App

Digital dashboard applications are information management tools used for tracking KPI’s, metrics as well as other data points which are relevant to a business, department or specific process. These set of applications provide users with an awareness on their current performance – all at a glance.

Most of these are free dashboard tools and are cloud-based. Thus, you can save hundreds or probably thousands of dollars which would have been spent on IT/support staff.

Below are some examples of Digital Dashboard Applications:

  • Sinnaps, online project management: Sinnaps EVM panel provides project managers with continuous project evaluation by tracking project KPI’s, employee scheduling, sales and profit overview using simple graphical presentations, product inventory, and a host of others in real time.

  • Cyfe: This places a larger focus on analytics. And just like any other digital dashboard app, it lets you monitor almost anything relating to your business. You can see at a glance how your customers are faring online, what the analytics of your website is, and more.
  • Zoho one: This software business intelligence through interactive dashboards that monitor data activity through a range of categories. The tool enables you to connect all business tools in one place, allowing you track them all in one monitoring dashboard.

Others include Geckoboard, and Salesforce.

Digital Dashboard Examples

Different types of dashboards exist, albeit with different functions. Some digital dashboard examples include the following:

  • Executive dashboard: This is created to give CEO’s an indication of the performance of their businesses at a glance.
  • Easy and real-time dashboard: These make it easy to make quick management decisions by monitoring productivity in real time.

Creating Dashboards in Excel

It is possible to create an interactive dashboard with PowerPoint, Excel. This is another way you could share information with colleagues and team members. Let’s quickly run through the steps involved in creating dashboards in excel.

  • Import your data into Excel: You may do this by copying and pasting the data into your Excel
  • Setup your Excel dashboard file: You can do this by creating two tabs on your Excel document; one for the raw data, and the other for your dashboard. This way, you can keep things organized
  • Create a table with the raw data: You can finally begin the process of creating tables in your Excel, putting each item or data point in one cell
  • Analyze your data: Take some time to figure out just what you want to highlight, what message you want to pass, and then you can go on to make use of Excel tools, including charts and pivot tables to build your project status dashboard
  • Build your dashboard: Finally, you can complete the process of building your performance dashboard by adding a Gantt chart which will visually show your project timeline.

Project Dashboard Report

Making your project dashboard(Excel) report effective means getting a lot of information in the least space possible. The idea is to have online dashboard indicators of your project performance on a format that coveys the overall project highlights as well as problems requiring future attention.

Making use of project dashboard reporting in Excel that offers at a glance the KPI’s of a project will go a long way to keep team members focused on the very important tasks of moving the business forward.

Best Dashboard Software

We have already looked at how useful a daily dashboard layout can be for observing and regulating the intrinsic conditions of a business. The best project management dashboard software would therefore be one that can offer project managers and business owners at a glance, all important KPI’s and one which allows quick and easy insight into the business.

As a business owner, it becomes imperative to work towards success by spending just a little time to finding out what works for you, say, for example, a small business dashboard. The steps, I believe, would be to identify the areas that can benefit from these tools, identify the right tools that are needed for such tasks, then find a way to apply the solutions as you see fit. This will save you time, bring all useful business data together and most importantly, help you react to, and leverage every business opportunity as they arise.

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