JIRA alternatives

jira alternatives

JIRA by Atlassian is one of the most famous project management software used by project managers in undertaking the tasks of their projects. It helps in creating a convenient workflow that enables project management team members to track the progress of a project. It is widely used globally by project managers to support the agile teams in planning, building, and tracking projects.

JIRA version management

These are versions that are points-in-time for a project; they assist project managers in scheduling and organizing their tasks by giving them the milestones to aim for. Also, it allows them to assign issues in the project to a particular version and organize the schedule in completing the work in that version.

jira alternatives

JIRA for the small team

In reality, the biggest organizations we have around now started small, JIRA as a tool supports business to thrive and attain the needed growth. It helps small businesses to eliminate the need for setup and installation, it allows them to automate their tasks and keep the team members on the same page on their assignments.

Also, it gives room for evolution as it is effective for the use of teams between 2 to 20,000, thereby ensuring that they are well covered as they keep growing in numbers.

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Online Project Management Tools


JIRA charges $10 for up to 10 users per month, $3.50 per user for between 11-100 users, $2.50 per user for between 101-250 users, and it charges $0.55 per user for between 251-5000 users.

JIRA agile alternatives

Though JIRA is efficient project management software, their plans are very expensive for some businesses as it can cost up to $12,000 per year for a team of 500 people. As a result of the high cost of JIRA plans, these alternatives will help organizations that are evolving in maintaining a focus on the rapid delivery of their core values in project management.

The charges of these alternatives are far better and affordable compared to JIRA, some of them are Sinnaps, Version One, Pivotal Tracker, Workzone, TargetProcess, Mingle, Assembla, Crocagile, Blossom, Eylean, and Active Collab.

JIRA Free Alternative

There are other free alternatives to JIRA software that are also very effective in helping the project management teams to carry out their assignment efficiently. They are very useful in managing project tasks and tracking, some of them are Sinnaps, Trello, TeamCkerk, Remember the Milk, and Todoist.

Some of the free alternatives to JIRA charge nothing for a relatively small team between 1-3 people and their charges are minimal for larger teams.

Best JIRA app alternatives

Some of the best JIRA app alternatives that function efficiently in assisting project managers to get their tasks done are Sinnaps, Taiga, ReQtest, and Bitrix24.

Tools like JIRA software

In terms of efficiency, the following tools are like JIRA for the use of project managers in carrying out their project management operations.  Some of them are Sinnaps, Target Process, Mingle, Assembla, and Blossom.

Tools similar to JIRA software

The following tools are very similar to JIRA software as tools for project management. With them, a project manager is assured of outstanding results in their assignments, these are Sinnaps, SprintGround, DoneDone, and Scrum Mate.

JIRA replacement or equivalent

As a project manager, the following software can adequately serve as a replacement or be equivalent to JIRA in terms of effectiveness. You will be able to optimize your resources while working with them on a project. These are Sinnaps, Favro, Leankit, and Agilo for Scrum.

JIRA Analog

This operates on the variable signals where flexible visualizations are allowed, it allows information about a project to be visible to the team and non-team members.

JIRA comparison

The task of comparing Jira software with others involves taking into consideration certain things like their benefits and drawbacks. For example, when comparing Jira with Trello, in terms of pricing, Jira charges a minimum of $10 per month while Trello is free, when it comes to hosting, Jira is on-premise and cloud-hosted while Trello is cloud-hosted.

In terms of key features, Jira is a project and issue tracking while Trello is Kanban boards. When you want to compare Jira with others, it is a function of what you want and what you can afford as a project manager.

JIRA vs. other tools

Many project management tools are up to the task for use as project management software. Though JIRA is very popular globally, there are other software that are equally effective and efficient when compared to it and some of them are even better than JIRA as a tool for project management, a typical example is Sinnaps.

Sinnaps as a project management tool

Sinnaps is an easy-to-use project management tool, a better alternative to JIRA; it allows you to manage your team’s work. Sinnaps support teamwork with its functionalities for both beginners and experts. As a project manager, you will be able to plan and share your project progress and report with your team members. It will assist you in maximizing your resources by boosting your project management through optimization of time and resources at the same time; it ensures that you operate within the confines of your budget.

Online project managemt tool

Sinnaps guarantees you ease of communication while undertaking your project management tasks including processes and tracking. On Sinnaps, you can validate every activity and sub-task when completed and it can create work paths in common and reuse your processes. Sinnaps has over forty-five thousand users and it has over 10,000 companies working with it.

Sinnaps offers the free plan and other cheap and affordable plans to project managers for their project management assignments.

critical path

Business plan: this goes for $20 per month, on this plan; you will be able to do the following;

Manage all the projects of your company.

Share resources across projects.

Edit and share project reports.

Interlink projects

Control your project portfolio from a single timeline.

Profession plan: this attracts a fee of $9 per month; you are allowed to do the following;

You will be able to organize your team and control the progress of your projects.

Unlimited projects and team size.

Estimate cost and preview scenarios.

Track your project and download report in real time.

Manage roles and permissions.

Free plan: this is for a team of between 1 to 3 people. In the free plan, you have everything you need to manage professional projects, plan and manage up to two projects at a time. You will be able to communicate with your team, validate activities, and share documents with the team.

Besides, you can compare these other tools: Asana vs Wrike vs Sinnaps.

Moreover, the plans offered by Sinnaps for professionals and business are VAT inclusive. Sinnaps is indeed a better alternative to JIRA, it is effective and efficient in project management and it is assisting project managers in achieving the optimization of resources thereby making them achieve their project objectives.

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