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marketing planning tool

Marketing plays a vital role in the growth of a business organization; it is the link between the clients and the organization. Without an effective marketing plan, a business enterprise can never attain the desired success because marketing plan is a business document that outlines the marketing strategy and tactics of an organization over a specified period of time and it always covers a range of marketing-related details like cost, goals, and action steps.

No doubt, the need to develop an effective and outstanding plan that will assist business organizations in beating the competition in their industry has led to the use of marketing planning tools to create their marketing plan that will make them the customers’ choice and be on top of their game.

With marketing planning tools, the process of creating a marketing plan becomes very easy for the stakeholders involved in the running of the business activities. The marketing planning tools help in organizing your strategy, outline your goals, and have every member of the team on the same page thereby enhancing your chances of achieving success in your marketing strides.

Sinnaps, an online project management tool is useful as a marketing planning tool because of its ease of use feature; it supports team planning and properly visualizes the marketing plan of your team in a manner that will be easily understood by the members of the team. Also, it aids collaboration because it promotes effective communication among the team members.

critical path

Also, it is effective in determining the slack of an activity which is the amount of time each activity in an assignment can be delayed without violating the entire assignment duration.

Furthermore, it can estimate the critical path of your activities by laying emphasis on the activities duration, time constraints, and dependencies thereby helping you and your team in meeting your deadlines.

Internet marketing tools

The advent of the breakthrough in technology has made the internet, a marketing destination for most business owners in growing their business via the spreading of information about their business to their online audience thereby giving them the competitive edge over their rivals.

In essence, the internet users are growing with each passing day and as at today; over 3.2 billion people use the internet. With the mind-blowing number, an organization can easily leverage the power of the internet and use it to its advantage in the growth of the business. With the use of the internet, a business can attract massive traffic for its business with the following internet marketing tools:

  • Blogging: this is the process of running an informational website on the World Wide Web through the posting of educational and interesting information. Blogging is an internet marketing tool that is effective in generating the needed traffic into the website of an organization.  

When a visitor on a website gets to read information that adds values to him or her, then the visitor will be visiting the website consistently and with that, he or she can become a loyal customer for the business.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): this is a marketing strategy that is centered on growing the visibility in non-paid search engine results. It covers both the technical and innovative elements needed to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.
  • Social Media: social media is another powerful internet marketing tool that can be used to the advantage of your business. Presently, there are over 2.77 billion people using social media for one reason or the other such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.

As a business owner, you can make use of these different platforms to market your products and services to the global audience with attractive posts and life story feature. Again, you can host webinars on the platforms too in your bid to spread the marketing tentacles of your business.

  • Lead management: this is a method created to generate new potential business clients through a range of marketing programs. This method is good for business-to-business and direct-to-consumer strategies. It is a great tool for acquiring new customers,┬áselling new products to the existing customers, and establishing a brand identity.
  • Other internet marketing tools are marketing automation, analytics, and email marketing.

Marketing plan app

A marketing plan app is an application that can be used by business owners in developing an effective marketing plan strategy that will grant you a competitive edge in your industry. The app will help you in researching your target market by defining the demography, habits, and lifestyle of the target market.

Also, it will assist you in performing competitive research and creating a landing page that sells very well.

Website marketing plan

It is imperative for business owners to have a website marketing strategy in place that will be used in driving their business. The website marketing plan will positively affect your business by building and promoting your brands on the business’ website. With your website, your business will be visible on search engines.

It is important because most of the customer usually carry out detailed research on the search engines before they make a decision on whether to patronize a service or not. It is crucial for your website marketing plan to include the following features:

  • Conducting a website analysis
  • Optimize your website for search engine optimization
  • Having a content marketing strategy
  • Embrace the use of email marketing

Furthermore, marketing plan software is software that is useful for the creation of marketing planning platform. The marketing plan software will simplify the marketing planning task because it will assist business owners in undertaking their marketing plan with email marketing, telemarketing, and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Instagram.

Marketing calendar software is software that assists in aligning marketing priorities, processes, and people. In the process of aligning your marketing priorities, it will provide views that will highlight tradeoffs, such as channel, segment, resources, and value. It provides customizable views of individual functional and cross-functional marketing work.

The role of marketing planning tools such as Sinnaps in creating the marketing plan strategy of organizations can never be over-emphasized. Hence it is vital for them to integrate them into their operations in order to simplify the process and achieve outstanding results that will beat their imagination from their marketing plan.

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