Online project management tools

Online project managemt tool

Project management is a crucial discipline used by an organization to attain optimization in order to achieve a greater result. Project management is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve outstanding results. The need to achieve outstanding results by organizations brought about an online project management tool.


Online project management tools


Online project management tools are instruments that facilitate planning, collaboration, tracking, and reporting. They are very essential for the coordination of projects. Online project management tools provide the project managers the upgrade to the manual operations thereby making them embrace digitization through the program that is chained to the computer in order to take the advantage of the technological advancement in software solutions for project management. An example of online project management is online Gantt chart.


Free online project management software


Project management software are tools for project planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and change management. It enables the project manager, stakeholders, and users to control cost, and manage their budgeting, quality management, and document thereby enhancing the smooth administration of an organization.

Any project is an endeavor aimed at achieving the set objective which is usually measured in terms of outputs, outcomes or benefits. A project can be termed a success if it achieves the objectives according to the acceptance criteria, within the agreed time frame, and budget. The way a project is managed by the project management organization is a vital determinant to know if it will be successful or not.

These are online management software that will allow project management organizations to manage their projects efficiently and effectively in order to achieve results. Some of them are nTask, Sinnaps, Trello, etc.

The major components of project management are the following:

  • Defining the reason why a project is necessary
  • Capturing project requirements, specifying the quality of the outcome, estimating resources and time frame
  • Preparing a business case to justify the investment



Online project managemt tool


Cloud project management apps


These are project management applications that are using cloud computing. With cloud computing, the process of project management becomes easier for project managers thereby enhancing optimization of resources because it uses less human power.


IT project manager tools or Bug Tracking tools


These are tools used by Corporate Information department and project managers for tracking task assignment, expenses, the progress of application development, maintenance and development. Some of them are Backlog, Sinnaps, Monday, keyedln projects, and Workotter.


Best free project management software


As a project manager, the following is the best free project management software that you can use to undertake your project management tasks; Sinnaps, Teamwork Projects, Asana, Trello, and nTask.


Best Agile Project Management tools


Agile project management tools are tools that allow an iterative and incremental method of management. It focuses on helping teams in an evolving environment and maintaining a focus on the rapid delivery of business core values.

The methodologies used in Agile project management adhere to the Agile procedure that is based on continuous improvement, flexibility, the input of the team, and the delivery of results with high quality.

The best Agile project management tool list are the following; Agilean, Sinnaps, Wrike, Trello, JIRA, Axosoft, Planbox, Assembla, Pivotal Tracker, Asana, Binfire, Proggio, and nTask.


Simple Project Management software


These are project management software that can increase efficiency while incurring little expenses. Some of the free project management software are Sinnaps, Asana, TeamGantt, Paymo, Clickup, Airtable, Teamwork Projects, Redbooth, Avaza, Zenkit, and Meister Task.


Top project management software for small business organizations


These days, there are various free online project management tools that support organizations like the start-ups with a small team on a small budget, these tools are very effective and will enable them to manage their various projects. These online project management software tools help organizations in having the unobstructed access to information from team scattered over the world, through this, they will benefit from unlimited access to project information and file sharing.

It will facilitate on-boarding through cloud-hosted project management tools involving a shorter learning curve than their counterpart as various users can log in with their password and use the program independently from other team members. Again, it enhances configuration that makes project management to be flexible and allows you to coordinate the specific projects and tasks.

Another benefit of free online project management software is that it is affordable due to the lack of a complex installation procedure, storage, and extensive servers, cloud-hosted project management is affordable, based on subscription and it requires little to no maintenance cost. Some of the free online project management software tools are Sinnaps, Wrike, Asana, Monday, Taskworld, Basecamp, Zoho projects, Smartsheet, Nutcache, Bitrix 24, Clarizen, Trello, Podio, and JIRA.


Project management software comparison


The best thing to do is to look for the best project management by searching for the services that have the highest rankings in the customer satisfaction rating for project management software review. With this, you will be able to come up with the best project management software that suits your project.


Project Portfolio Management Software


Project Portfolio management software provides organizations with a high-level, global view regarding progress and sustainability of multiple projects. It combines Cloud concepts with an enterprise solution that helps organization work more efficiently by offering multiple levels of project data. It is mostly used by Information Technology and software development organizations, consulting agencies, construction companies, and human resources department.


Work management software


Work management software enables business professionals to streamline and transform the critical business processes with easy-to-use and self-service solutions. It will allow organizations to unlock core business information for day-to-day interaction, automate processes, capture and manage data and work streams.


PMO tools


PMO means project management organizations, PMO tools are instruments to assist an individual or team to properly organize work and manage projects and assignments. Project management tools are not meant only for the project managers but they are customized for the needs of teams of different sizes and with different goals. They assist organizations in planning, documentation, and evaluation of their projects.


Saas project management


This is on-demand software; saas means software as a service. It allows software to be licensed and delivered electronically to your business computer from a convenient, centrally hosted cloud network. Saas project management software will provide your business with comprehensive tools designed to efficiently manage projects throughout its various stages. It will boost the daily productivity of the business, facilitates live chat, virtual conference rooms, cost and budget analysis and custom reporting and templates.


Marketing Project Management software

These are tools that can be used to carry out project management in involving marketing in order to have the holistic approach to the process and the projects so as to achieve the set objectives. Some of the marketing project management software are Synergist, Ravatree, 10,000ft, Clarizen, Trigger, Workfront, and Projector PSA.


Engineering Project Management software


These are tools are useful in undertaking the project management of engineering assignment, engineering is a field that is known for its precision when it comes to data analysis and management.  These are Asana, Trello, Oracle Aconex, AvidXchange, ExakTime, PlanGrid, etc.

One of these examples is Sinnaps, free online project management software, a cloud-based collaboration and project solution that effectively and efficiently plans and manages your projects. It will help in prioritizing your tasks, ensures the facilitation of teamwork, control cost and helps in the optimization of resources to achieve outstanding results.

Unique features of Sinnaps

It is easy-to-use project management software that you can start working with from the first minute of logging in

It supports teamwork, with its functionalities for both beginners and experts

It provides training and support because it is embedded with many explanatory videos, tutorials, helps center and supports chat for all users.

You can do…

Plan: this app will plan projects and share your management with others; it will prioritize and calculate your best work paths automatically.

Maximize: it will boost your project management through the optimization of time and resources in order to enable you to offset your consumption.

Budget: it will help in simulating different scenarios and budget them automatically. This app can readjust the calculation after each change and quantifies the possible scenarios in your plans thereby making you take better project management decision.

You can share documents with colleagues, generate reports for meetings and know everything that is happening in the project without any fuss and have the documents registered on the activity wall.

It ensures ease of communication, it is very efficient in all project communication organized. It registers, stores, and manages communication among the participants and ensures that the whole team is in tandem with the progress of the project.

Also, it analyses data from your project from the control panel and interprets it to make recommendations on how to manage your project better.

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