Best Workforce Management Software For Small And Medium Businesses

The business landscape today is under a lot of pressure, with a lot of focus on conservation, efficiency, optimization as well as compliance. It’s hard to imagine an organization meeting its goals and retaining its essence without recourse to proper workforce management practices. 

Workforce management revolves around human resources activities – hiring, scheduling, resource management, planning, task tracking, information as well as how they are shared amongst teams, etc. Sinnaps online project management software is a trusted platform with various tools and workforce management applications that are worth having in your organization.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best workforce management software available today, and how they are changing the way businesses go about their daily activities.

Workforce Management Software

There are several benefits to using a workforce management software. But unfortunately, they are still considered by most small and medium scale businesses as luxury rather than necessity. In fact, studies suggest that up to 45% of businesses running contact centres still rely on spreadsheets.

Let’s consider what a workforce management software in its more basic form can do for our business: 

Forecasting – An enterprise workforce management software solution when applied to a business operating a call centre for instance, would be crucial in determining proper staffing levels to ensure reduced hold times for customers calling in, while avoiding instances where agents will sit around idle.

Analysing data – Another critical benefit of workforce automation tool is that they provide businesses with the ability to make complex analysis of their work processes to gain insight on information that can help the spot trends, visualise problems and keep them from occurring, generate data and deliver analytics that is crucial for evidence-based decision making. 

Employee tracking and Scheduling – For businesses performing field services, there is a continuous desire to improve efficiency, especially since the survival of the business is almost entirely hinged on it. Field workforce management software does not only provide that timely intervention for survival of the business, but also offers the opportunity to compete and thrive in the ever-changing environment in which it exists. 

Employee management software can afford you a constant flow of data into your management system that gives you unparalleled real-time visibility on the activities of your field team; exactly where they are, track their progress, monitor schedule to avoid delays as well as ensure compliance and provision of support when necessary.

Workforce Management Tools

The internet is swarming with dozens of online workforce management software and workforce task management tools; Hubstaff, Time Doctor, VeriClock, Sinnaps, etc., and every other day, the market is bombarded with an endless flow of new products and upgrades. This can pose a lot of distress for businesses tying to switch form the traditional methods but haven’t the least idea what to look out for. 

Investing in the right workforce planning software tools will provide profound and immediately measurable as well as sustainable impact on your business with offsets in your planning and performance goals. However, while the wrong tool may provide relief for certain problems, it may not fully afford you the full advantages of the technology, nor will it deliver the benefits you so desire. So how can you tell which is the right tool for your business?

A rather very simple way to begin your search for workforce management tools would be to understand what your company’s needs are, and what features would best suit those needs. Once you’ve answered these questions, then you can go ahead and start looking to find workforce management tools with such features that can benefit your business.

Best Workforce Management Software 

Lett’s consider some examples of the best workforce management software you can use for your business.

  • Dayforce: This is a cloud-based platform offering users packages including HR, payroll, employee management and more. Much like other management software, it facilitates data-driven decision making at every level, perform complex forecasting calculations and lots more
  • Sinnaps: This is a cloud-based project management platform, with robust HR and a host of other management solutions for business leaders and teams alike. This top workforce management software offers a plethora of employee management features including time tracking, employee scheduling, scheduling, etc. This all-in-one software is a great choice for all businesses
  • Kronos Workforce Central: Yet another great tool for managing employees. It offers a secure platform that is both scalable and easy to use, in such a way as to improve employee experience as well as facilitate productivity.

Other examples include:

  • Ulti Pro
  • Vibe
  • People-Track
  • Five9

Others tools:

Free Best Gantt Chart Software

Reverse Engineering Software


You may think of workforce management solutions as hinging on effective management of business activities including but not limited to ensuring the right staff takes on the right job and also at the right time, but it goes beyond that.

With workforce management, businesses can streamline their internal processes and keep employees focused on the actual work – devoid of distractions, reducing redundancies and saving meaningful time which would otherwise be spent resolving discrepancies between different internal or external teams or departments, forecast, plan and manage employees better.

Although workforce management systems cannot be considered a blanket strategy for success, proper application can enrich your business in no small way.

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